Terms, Conditions & Frequently Asked Questions

General Terms, Conditions & Policies

It is highly recommended – but not mandatory. Remember that illness, injury, delays, family deaths and other unforeseen incidents can cause all or part of your trip to me missed, delayed or interrupted. Without insurance you will not be covered for your losses. We can provide travel insurance that is inexpensive and offers peace of mind. Contact Us now to get a quote.

Our general policy is:

30 days or less (prior to trip start date): Full payment due at at booking. No refunds or cancellations.

31 days or more: Depends on what products you book. A 25% deposit is charged and is refundable up to 30 days prior to your arrival date. The exceptions are: heli & cat skiing,snowmobile tours & some others where a larger deposit is required and No refunds will be given after payment(s) is made for these items.

In general, no. Many activities/tours we sell are outdoor activities and it is out of anyone’s control what the weather will be. Therefore we can’t offer refunds or discounts for poor weather. The exceptions lay with the individual tour providers and their specific terms & policies. In some cases these suppliers may offer a full or partial refund/credit if they have to cancel or shorten a tour. In those cases we will offer our clients whatever refund or credit the supplier offers guests as stated in their posted policies.

If it is 24 hours or more prior, you may contact our office and advise one of our staff members and we will advise the appropriate supplier. If same day/evening you are responsible for contacting the supplier directly to advise them. Contact information can be found on the vouchers we send you prior to your trip.

Revelstoke Location & Directions

The closest international airport is Kelowna International Airport. You can easily connect there via Vancouver, Calgary & Seattle from anywhere in the world. It is approximately a 2.5 hour drive to Revelstoke from Kelowna Airport. The Calgary Airport is also an option, but we do not recommend it as it is a long drive and there are often winter road closures and delays. The exception being if you are starting your trip in Banff/Lake Louise or Kicking Horse Resort – then Calgary is a good starting point.

There are two main ways to get there. The easiest option is for us to book a shuttle service for you. The ‘Stoke Shuttle’ runs multiple times per day between Kelowna International Airport and Revelstoke and drops off/picks up at most hotels in Revelstoke.

Renting a car is the other option – speak to us for assistance if you are driving.

From Kelowna International Airport drive North on Hwy 96A to the town of Sicamous and then merge on to Hwy1 East (Trans Canada Highway) until you reach the town of Revelstoke.

The town of Revelstoke is located right off the Trans-Canada Highway (Hwy 1). Revelstoke is approximately a 6 hour drive East of Vancouver and 5.5 hours West of Calgary. In the winter there is also a flight service available a few times a week to/from Vancouver and Revelstoke Airport – Inquire for details

It depends – if you booked a Heli ski day or multi-day package with Eagle Pass or Selkirk Tangiers in Revelstoke – then yes. Same if you have booked K3 Cat skiing.

If you booked a multi-day package with us at another heli/cat lodge then you will be flying in to another airport with closer access to the heli/cat lodge. Your Revelstoke Reservation agent will provide you with more information upon booking.


Winter time temperatures from December to early March can range from 0C to -30C depending on the week, time of day and elevation. From mid-March to mid-April you can expect a bit warmer temps ranging from +7C to -14C depending on elevation and time of day. First thing in the morning can be chilly on top of the mountain, but can warm up quite a bit. Mountain weather is unpredictable – we recommend you check our website for a weather forecast just prior to your arrival.

Summertime mountain temperatures can also vary quite a bit. You will find hot summer days where it can be +25 to 30C in town. There are also times in the summer – especially in higher elevations or at night- where the weather can be quite a bit cooler. Again, check the weather just prior to your departure.

You should come prepared with clothing for a variety of conditions as fluctuations of temperatures happen in the mountains. You should be prepared for both dry and wet conditions. As mentioned above, checking our website for the weather forecast a day or two before your trip is very helpful in making sure you pack the correct gear.

In winter for skiing or other outdoor activities we suggest layering with a good base layer that wicks sweat and then one more lighter layer – plus a warm insulated ski jacket/pants if resort skiing/boarding.

If heli/Cat skiing then we suggest you wear a lighter waterproof breathable jacket and pants.

In summertime we recommend shorts and short sleeves – but packing a sweater or hoodie plus a light jacket and long pants is a good idea.


The address as well as other pertinent information is printed on the voucher that we send you prior to arrival. Please consult that to ensure proper arrival at your booked property.

At most properties it is 4pm on your arrival date. There is no guarantee your room will be ready before the stated check-in time.

At most properties it is 11am on your departure date. Late check-outs cannot be guaranteed.

It is your responsibility to contact the hotel directly and advise of any late arrivals or no-shows as the property may not have staff available after 10:30-11pm. As such, it is important that you contact them to make arrangements if arriving late so you can get in to your room – and ensure the hotel doesn’t think you are a no-show.

If you know for sure at time of booking you will be arriving late at night, please advise our staff immediately so we can note it and advise the property.

Sutton Place – Ski In/Out. Right by Gondola & Village base

Sandman – Downtown. Approx. 10 min drive (free shuttle service available)

Hillcrest Hotel – Off the highway. Approx. 12 min drive.

Best Western + Ramada – Downtown. Approx. 10 min drive (free shuttle service available)

Heli Skiing/Boarding

Guests arriving for multi-day packages at Selkirk Tangiers should arrive in Revelstoke at the Hillcrest Hotel for check in by 5:00 pm. Orientation there starts at 6:30 pm on your day of arrival. Everyone is required to attend.

If arriving for a day heli package you will arrive early morning (exact details in your voucher) at The Hillcrest Hotel for Selkirk Tangiers.

If you are not sure what you have booked – please Contact Us to ensure you know where to go.

*If you have booked a heli lodge with us not located in Revelstoke – we will provide you with exact arrival information for that lodge. Typically it is the night before your first ski/board day before dinner time.

To fully enjoy heli skiing you should be in good physical shape. We recommend that you engage in some kind of exercise program for eight to ten weeks prior to your ski trip. The fitter you are, the better you will be able to overcome any skiing challenges and avoid injuries.

You do a lot of skiing with little rest in the heli between runs so having fit legs and a healthy heart is important.

If you are a strong intermediate skier who is confident and has had some powder experience in a regular ski area you should be able to adapt to deep powder snow skiing.

We recommend that you visit a ski area to brush up on your skills if it has been a while since you have strapped on the skis or board. If you can try some treed runs and powder with proper powder skis, that is even better!

Finally, if it is your first time trying, we highly recommend you take a powder ski lesson with an instructor at Revelstoke Mountain Resort before your first heli day.

When and where we can, we will try to put you in a group with similar skiing ability.

However, certain factors may limit our ability to do this, including the type of program, length of stay, group size, and the combined weight of the group. Typically – the shorter length day programs have more first timers to deep powder skiing/boarding and move at a slower pace. The longer multi-day programs typically have stronger, faster skiers. But this is just a guideline and may vary.

You may bring your own equipment, provided you have suitable powder skis or a board. If you have narrow carving skis, we would like to warn you that they may not be suitable for heli skiing and you should really try wider options. By far the best option is to use specialized powder skis that the lodge has in their rental fleet.

Please check about Snowboard Rentals. Ski boots are not available so we strongly recommend you carry your boots on the plane as hand luggage so they don’t get lost in transit. The lodge can usually find you other forgotten ski gear/clothing in a pinch, but not boots.

Clothing should be water resistant, windproof and breathable. If snow sticks to your suit, it is best to leave it at home. It is a good idea to bring several pairs of gloves or mitts and good socks. Temperatures vary from around the freezing mark to 30 degrees celsius below zero, depending on the weather and the elevation. Bring clothing that you can layer so that it is possible to add or remove clothing as necessary.

Heli skiing is a wilderness activity that involves risks, dangers, and hazards. Each participant must be capable of assisting themselves and others during an emergency situation. Participants must be 15 years of age or older. All participants who are 18 years old or younger must have a parent or guardian to co-sign their waiver as well as ski with them at all times.

Ski conditions vary throughout the season. In December, January & early February, winter storms bring plentiful snow resulting in deep powder conditions where we tend to ski predominantly in the trees.

In late February and March, you can expect a change in skiing conditions with longer days and boot top to knee-deep powder. This is the when the alpine bowls and glaciers are reached more often – with less tree skiing.

In April, we typically experience plenty of great snow at higher elevations with awesome corn snow skiing on the lower sections of the runs. These are generalizations and conditions can vary widely during any time of the season. We can experience all types of skiing within one week – it just depends on what Mother Nature gives us.

Cat Skiing

The minimum age is 15 years old.

All safety equipment is provided so you don’t need to bring your own. But if you want to you can – but you will be required to use their receivers.

No, there are no skis/boards available at K3 or Great Northern. You must bring your own/rental Powder Skis.

However, if you need proper deep powder skis/boards, you can rent from Powder Rentals in Revelstoke. See section on Ski & Board Rentals below for full Info.

If the K3 office is notified that you are renting skis/boards for your ski day, they can pick up your equipment at Powder Rentals the morning of.

Make sure you have your own good comfy ski/board boots – it is vital to an enjoyable day!

Clothing should be water resistant, windproof and breathable. If snow sticks to your suit, it is best to leave it at home. It is a good idea to bring several pairs of gloves or mitts and good socks. Temperatures vary from around the freezing mark to -30C, depending on the weather and the elevation. Bring clothing that you can layer so that it is possible to add or remove clothing as necessary. There is plenty of storage space inside the Cat cabin so no problem bringing a back pack filled with extra items you may need.

Typically December through to late February is deep dry powder snow conditions with lots of storms.

From the end of February to mid March there is also good dry powder – but it may not be as deep.

March is great because there is good skiing/boarding combined with more sun and longer ski days due to the increased daylight.

Temperatures can vary in winter from around -1C to -25C depending on the week’s weather. You should check ahead for weather conditions as anything is possible at all times of the season.

The terrain at K3 is part of the Monashee Range – famous for it’s deep dry powder. The Monashees are also known for its great, nicely spaced trees and glades.

For most of December to late February the large majority of time is spent in the trees as it provides the best skiing with great shelter and visibility. At some times of the year, especially from March onwards – there is a bit more wide open skiing if the visibility is good and snow is stable.

You should be at least an upper intermediate skier who is confident skiing the difficult runs at your local ski resort. Since you will be skiing deep powder much of the time, you should have confidence skiing/boarding in very deep snow.

You should also have the ability & confidence to ski in areas that have trees and other natural obstacles. If this is your first time then we recommend a day or two of practice at a ski resort with powder conditions and wearing the proper powder skis/board. Going with an instructor is even better as they can give you instructions on powder ski techniques which is quite different from skiing groomed or hard pack snow runs.

Cat skiing requires strong legs to ski deep powder and we highly recommend a training program to build leg strength. With snow sports like this the better shape you are in the more enjoyable it is. And it can be really tiring trying to get back up if you fall in deep snow so being in relatively good physical condition is important.

It is impossible to say as every group is different. Some times you will get a group of mostly strong powder skiers/boarders who move at a faster pace. Sometimes you will get more inexperienced group that will move at a slower pace. Sometimes you will get a mixture of both.

We anticipate in having a variety of skier/boarder abilities. Day Cat skiing tends to move at a bit of a slower pace than multi-day Cat lodges so fast experienced skiers should be aware of this.

There is a complimentary shuttle that runs from only the Sutton Place Hotel and (if needed) the Sandman Hotel Revelstoke. See below for Important Info on being ready for your Cat Skiing and the Shuttle on the Date(s) you booked. You can expect to be back in Revelstoke about 7:00pm after your day is complete.

Before 4:30 pm the Day Prior | If required, pick up powder specific rentals from the RMR Rental Shop
Before 9:00 pm the Day Prior | Sign a Release of Liability Waiver at R-Gear
6:50 am | Shuttle departs from The Sutton Place Hotel
7:00 am | Shuttle departs from the Sandman Revelstoke (if required)

No, there are no skis/boards provided for Day Cat Ski trips. You must bring/rent your own Powder Skis/Board with you for use during your day.


The guide ratio is 6 people to 1 guide. We are able to have larger groups provided that we would have 2 guides available.

All drivers must have a valid driver’s license, if you are renting you must be over the age of 18. If you are on tour it is possible to be 16 years of age but only with a parent present on tour. On our short tours we do offer a double up option (rider seated on the back). Double up riders must be 10 years old or older.

Tours are based on experience levels. We offer tours for all types of experience levels. For beginners we recommend our short tours, as they are a fantastic introduction into snowmobiling.

Weather conditions can be tough to gauge sometimes when about to go on tour. If we feel that the weather conditions are unsafe or unfavourable then we will cancel the tour with full refund for guests.

Guests however, cannot be refunded if they choose to cancel or “no show” within a non-refund period leading up the tour.

We watch the weather everyday and have a very good idea of whether or not the conditions will be good. If you are unsure you can always check to get an update on the current weather.

The lodge offers all equipment for guests on tour.


  • Helmet
  • Boots
  • Proper jacket
  • Pants
  • Avalanche gear

For shorter tours we require a minimum group of 2 with the exception of our full day Summit Tour.

Our Summit tour is a minimum group number of 4 people to run.

For our multi-day tours we require a minimum group number of 4 people to run.

We suggest that you wear comfortable quick dry layers. Layers are important, as it can get cold quickly while on the mountains. Try not to wear cotton as once wet it does not dry well and feels uncomfortable on.

Shuttle Service (to/from Kelowna Airport & Revelstoke)

The shuttle offers shared ride passenger service and runs between Kelowna International Airport and Revelstoke multiple times per day.

There are more frequent departures in the winter between mid-December and late March. Please note that it only runs when a minimum total of 4 passengers have booked for a scheduled day/time departure. We can help you with the schedule to book your proper time (based on Flight arrival) for the trip to Revelstoke – or return heading to Kelowna International Airport.

Drop off/Pick up is available from the Resort base and most Revelstoke properties (not available at Glacier House Resort).

The service works with the Kelowna Ambassadors at the airport. Once you have collected your bags please look for their booth next to the baggage carousel. The Kelowna Ambassadors will then direct you down to the other end of the airport where our drivers will meet you at the shuttle meeting point next to the White Spot Restaurant. 

Absolutely. We can offer a private SUV for up to 5 passengers. There is also a 13 passenger and 18 passenger shuttle van available for larger groups.

With a Private Transfer you can cut down on time waiting at the airport and totally customize your itinerary. Contact us for details.

Ski & Board Rentals

We recommend getting your equipment rentals at Powder Rentals. They offer the best and widest selection of skis and snowboards in Revelstoke. 80% of their fleet is new for this year. Travelling with skis and boards is a hassle these days and some airline fees can be expensive for over-sized luggage. Plus, your skis may not be good for the snow conditions at Revelstoke – so renting is a very smart option ensuring no travel issues and the right equipment to maximize your enjoyment on the slopes.

Yes. Clients of Revelstoke Reservations receive a 25% discount off equipment rentals at Powder Rentals.

Use discount code: revres25 to receive your discounted rate.

The store is conveniently located in downtown Revelstoke at 709B Victoria Road.

7:30 am – 8 pm daily during the ski season.

*It’s easy to visit the afternoon/evening of your arrival to pick up your gear and have it ready for your first day on the slopes.

Yes, there is a full service rental shop at the mountain offering skis, snowboards & boots.